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Eastern Samar Philippines

Eastern Samar Philippines

Located in the central part of the Philippine archipelago, facing the Pacific Ocean, the province of Eastern Samar promises different things to different travelers from cave hopping to waterfalls chasing, party crashing to learning and relearning history. There is so much to discover and explore.


The Four Waterfalls: Go chase waterfalls! Spend a day or two in the town of Lawaan and take a 45–60 minute hike to four beautiful waterfalls relatively close to each other.  If adventurous enough, brave the trail to the highest of them – Ban-awan.  Second to this is Amanjuray Falls, then Amandaraga, which is legendary to the locals. Pangi, which is the smallest is perfect for a dip.

Balangiga Town: known for the infamous Balangiga Massacre on 28 September 1901 during the Philippine-American War, this town is rich in history and one of the best places be when wishing to witness how locals celebrate their festivals.

Guiuan Town: described as “complete wasteland” the day after super typhoon Haiyan hit the country. The Sulangan or San Anotnio de Padua Church which stood witness to Mother Nature’s fury became a refuge center to many survivors of this surfing town.

Don’t Miss

On your way to or from the province, or on your way back to Tacloban City, stop over to photograph the beautiful rock formations and take a dip in the crystal clear waters off the town of Marabut.

 Getting there

Fly from Manila or Cebu to Tacloban City then take a bus or van.


Try it the local’s way! Eat where the bus stops or join fishermen catch fish.


Calicoan Villa. Reasonable rates with easy access to public transport and the surfing sites.


Caluwayan Palm Island Resort. Picturesque resort facing the magnificent rock formations.


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