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Luang Nam Tha Laos

Luang Nam Tha Laos

Located in northwestern Laos on the border with China, Luang Nam Tha, sits in a valley along the Nam Tha River, a tributary of the Mekong. The province is known for its eco and community-based tourism activities, most notably focused on the Nam Ha National Protected Area. Many ethnic tribes migrating from China, Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam settled down in Luang Nam Tha creating a rich atmosphere of cultural diversity. A project by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the New Zealand Government, called “Nam Tha Ethnic Culture Valley” focuses on the ethnic cultures and handicrafts.



Nam Dee and Namlue Lanten Ethnic Village -the Lanten people, originally from China, settled in the villages of Namlue and Nam Dee bringing with them their unique culture, especially their animist religious beliefs. Aside from the traditional bamboo-paper, dyeing and weaving of their prominent black ethnic costumes and a museum in Ban Namlue, the refreshing sound and cool waters of Nam Dee waterfall are some of the other reasons why a visit to these places is a must.

Ban Phieng Ngam Tai Daeng Ethnic Village -translated as the “red people”. This ethnic tribe is known for the quality of its textiles; scarves, table runners, sinh (traditional Lao skirts), etc. The magnificent setting of the village, amidst the vast rice paddies, adds to the charm.

That Phoum Pouk & That Luang Nam Tha -apart from the usual tribe-hopping and trekking activities offered in Luang Nam Tha, jump into a tuktuk or contact the local tour operators for a tour of these two historic stupas, not far from the town center. Some panoramic views of the town are possible from the vantage points of the stupas.



By Air: Daily flights from Vientiane.

By Bus: Daily from Northern Bus Station Vientiane; Luang Nam Tha.


The Boat Landing (Guest house &) Restaurant

Known for its cookbook and the refreshing views of children playing along the Nam Tha River. The Boat Landing restaurant serves authentic Lao dishes focusing on the different cuisines of the province’s ethnic tribes.


The Boat Landing Guesthouse & Restaurant


Zuela Guesthouse & Restaurant

Tel: +856 (0) 20 22 063 888

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