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Xieng Khouang - Laos

Xieng Khouang - Laos

Through a project of the MICT and the New Zealand government, tourist sites and different activities are being developed in Paek, Kham and Khoun districts with a strong focus on heritage interpretation.


Plain of Jars Site 1: In February 2016, excavations were conducted at Plain of Jars Site 1, and archaeologists unearthed three different types of burials: bones placed in pits with a large limestone block on top, bones buried in ceramic vessels, and a single body in a grave.

Muang Khoun: the ancient capital of the Phuan kingdom capital lies about 30 km from Phonsavanh. A giant Buddha at Vat Piavat, That Foun Stupa and That Chomphet are three of the most important places to visit in the district. Other temples and decrepit French colonial buildings are also worth exploring.

Ban Xang: A visit to Xiengkhouang is incomplete without a side trip or a sleepover at Xang Village in Kham district, famous for its hot springs, ecolodge, massage sala, sauna rooms and restaurant.


Tham Piu. This historic cave in Kham district has become famous for more tragic reasons. During the war in Indochina, it took a direct hit from an American warplane killing the hundreds of villagers taking shelter during a bombing raid. Below the cave sits a large Buddha statue, a mute witness to the madness of war.


By Air: Daily flights from Vientiane.
By Road: Daily from Northern Bus Station Vientiane.


Bamboozle Restaurant & Bar - The interior is decorated with bamboos giving its diners a relaxing dining experience. Aside from their delectable burgers and mulberry smoothies, the place serves a range of international and Asian dishes and a good selection of spirits and beverages.


Ban Xang Ecolodge - With the green covered-mountain in front, this community- maintained eco lodge in Xang Village, Kham district is a good place to stay after a day exploring the province.
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