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BoliKhamxai - Laos

BoliKhamxai - Laos
Vang Nam Yen (Cool Pool)

Located in central Laos, Bolikhamxay is considered the center for ecotourism activities. It has towering limestone karsts, massive wetlands, relaxing scenery and is home to two national protected areas. A new project by the MICT and NZ govt, to improve visitor experience through better infrastructure and heritage awareness in collaboration with local people is taking shape.


Ban Tha Bak “Bomb Boat” River Cruise:
This is best done at sunset or during the cool weather to really enjoy the scenery along the riverbanks. What makes this cruise extra special is that the boats are made from the fuel tanks of old U.S warplanes.

Vang Nam Yen: Located in Ban Napavan, 10-15 km away from Nam Theun Bridge at the end of a red dusty road is a cool and inviting blue water lagoon with towering karst limestone as its backdrop.

Ban Phontan & Ban Pakha: With more than 60 weavers, Ban Phontan in Kamkeud District is a place to shop for the traditional skirt known as sinh, woven from either silk or hemp. The village is one of the biggest in Laos in terms of the number of women weavers incorporating both traditional and modern techniques of weaving.


Dragon Cave

Tham Mankhon “Dragon Cave”. Located along Route 8A in Poung Village, the interior of this magnificent cave resembles a dragon with its gigantic stalagmite and stalactite formations. One impressive attraction in the middle of the cave is an elephant foot-like stalactite formation.



By Bus - Daily from Southern Bus Station, Vientiane, to Lakxao.


Saynamsan Restaurant - With delicious Lao food and friendly staff this riverside restaurant is a good stopover in Paksan town.


Thangkheng Guesthouse - Located at the center of Laksao on Route 8 facing the towering limestone, Thangkheng is managed/ owned by a family of Hmong.
T: +856-(0)30-906 0456

Suan Mai Ketsana Guesthouse - An ideally located guesthouse that gives its visitors a serene relaxing view of the Nam San River in Paksan.




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