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Quality Made in Laos

Quality Made in Laos

“Made in Laos” is not world renowned as a label of quality for high-end fashion and woven fabric but perhaps this is wrong. “Quality” is defined as something that has a degree of excellence or something that distinguishes it.

At Soie de Lune, where all production is exported, these are the main selling points.  Hand-woven fabric is sold to the world’s top interior designers and quality is what defines the company. They are successful because they are committed to offering only the best and what they produce carries the label “Made in Laos”.

Digging deeper, excellent quality is what attracted Daniel Marcus, London-based managing director to source from Laos in the first place. The highly skilled, unique capabilities of the Lao weavers were critical selling points. The challenge was to harness these skills and weave fabric that would be viewed as a luxury.

Mr. Marcus found there were two types of hand-woven fabric sold in Laos. Cloth found in the market or small shops, was not that expensive and therefore was not the best quality. There were however, specialist-weaving studios, which were able to sell fabric at a high price both to the local high-end market, as well as to similar international ones. This fabric was top quality.

It takes the same skill to weave cheap hand-woven fabric as it does to weave an expensive one.  The difference is the raw material used, or with weaving, the quality of the yarn.

Soie de Lune purchases yarn from many different sources, both locally and internationally. It makes all the difference. The best quality yarn, woven by skilled weavers, produces the best quality fabric. As manufacturers, Soie de Lune ensures that high quality is maintained throughout the process, to match that of the Lao workmanship.


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