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TARGET READERSOh! magazine issue2

Our target market is primarily decision makers but we’re looking at all readers, young and old, Lao and foreign. We’ll be the ideal source of information for the intelectually inquisitve and those with itchy feet.

Initially, Oh! will be distributed at Wattay and Luang Prabang International Airports, upmarket hotels and restaurants, tourist information centres and tour agencies, banks and embassies. Gradually, it will be available at points of entry into Laos.

Oh! - opening up the world.

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GENERAL INFORMATION: Distribution free copies to Laos, Hanoi, Phnom Penh and Udon.
Laos: Upmarket Restaurants, Cafes, Wattay International and Domestic Airport. Luang Prabang, Pakse, Savannakhet Airports
LANGUAGE: Lao / English
CIRCULATION: Bi-monthly  8,000 copies | Annually 48,000 copies        
SIZE & PRINTING: 21.5 cm x 27 cm (Matte Paper 105grm, Offset Printing)
PUBLISHING DATE & DEADLINE:  Issue1 (May/Jun), Issue2 (Jul/Aug), Issue3 (Sep/Oct), Issue4 (Nov/Dec), Issue5 (Jan/Feb)
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Oh! Website

What we focus...Ohmag.la
"Fast, regular and reliable updates
Attractive gallery of photos/videos
Compatible in smart phones & tablets
Quiz to win vouchers

In this virtual era, people access the world wide web as their primary source of information and enquiry; Laos being a fast-developing country in terms of tourism and economy, many are interested to know more about the country. But despite this, few are the websites with reliable and up-to-date information one may find in the internet that are related to Laos.

And this is where  Oh! magazineís website comes in,
ohmag.la The  website is a key reference point for people who want to know and explore the hidden gems Laos has to offer. Aside from the regular information and story updates, contests, and interactive and special menus are also incorporated in the website to attract more numbers of visitors.

Readers Around the World

Top 10 countries: Lao PDR, Thailand, United States, Germany, Cambodia, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, France, China

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What they say about insmai, the team

Somsanouk Mixay
Vice President, Lao Journalists Association

“Over the past four years, thanks to insmai team to create such good magazine, I’d say it's created by people who know and love the country and its hidden treasures. They know what is most interesting for the visitor, and enjoy sharing it. This is what makes this magazine so useful, so attractive, so informative, and so essential to every visitor to Laos.”  

Peter Semone
Lanith Chief Technical Adviser

“The articles are mostly bite-size, quick and easy to read, interesting, and informative, and they cover a variety of topics. The creative writing style and tone make the stories very amusing and memorable, and the photos are top shelf. I always look forward to the next issue.”


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